X3 Technology

Technology Papers


Eyeing the Camera: Into the Next Century
– Richard F. Lyon and Paul M. Hubel
915K PDF


Spatial Frequency Response of Color Image Sensors:
Bayer Color Filters and Foveon X3
– Paul M. Hubel, John Liu, and Rudolph J. Guttosch
107K PDF


Color Aliasing Comparison: Bayer Color Filters and Foveon X3
– Rudolph J. Guttosch
512K PDF


A Brief History of ‘Pixel’
– Richard F. Lyon
1.4M PDF


Foveon Technology and the Changing Landscape of Digital Camera Technology
– Paul M. Hubel

Keyote paper at the Thirteenth IS&T Color Imaging Conference, Scottsdale, AZ, 2005, pages 314 - 317 


Resolution for Color Photography
– Paul M. Hubel and Markus Bautsch
272K PDF

Electronic Imaging: Digital Photography II, SPIE-proceedings 6069, San Jose, CA, January 2006, paper 6069-22