Cameras with X3®

Hanvision HVDUO-10M

High-quality, high resolution color images for industrial, scientific medical, cinema, security, and communications applications.

The HVDUO-10M is a compact, one-piece digital color camera capable of acquiring accurate, high-resolution color images using the Foveon X3® Pro 10M CMOS image sensor.

The HVDUO-10M features 30-bit digital color output, real-time color processing, support for all sensor scan modes and an LVDS, CameraLink or IEEE 1394 interface. The HVDUO-10M is compatible with a wide range of standard optics and includes controls for a shutter and synchronized illuminators.

The HVDUO-10M is well suited for industrial, scientific, cinema, medical and communications applications requiring high-quality color images.




• 10.2 million pixels in a 2268 x 1512 x 3 matrix on 9.12 micron centers matches 3-chip color performance

• Flexible scanning methods support selection of resolution, raster size, speed and direction from full resolution at 4 fps to VGA at 27 fps.

• Single-shot or continuous acquisition with selectable exposure offer optimum performance for still and motion images

• Camera control and image viewing software for Windows® facilitates rapid setup and acquisition

• 30-bit RGB LVDS or CameraLink Medium output readily interfaces to a wide variety of framegrabbers

• IEEE-1394 provides half-speed acquisition without the need for a framegrabber

• Integral motorized iris simplifies acquisition of dark frames

• F-mount accommodates an extensive selection of high-performance optics

• HVDUO-10M models are available with all variations of Foveon X3 Pro 10M

For more information on Foveon X3 technology, please visit the X3 Technology section of our website.

Additional information and technical support for the Hanvision HVDUO-10M can be found at the Alternative Vision website.